Our Process

Growing Independent Eaters consults parents as they work with their children towards a healthy and trusting relationship with food. If parents have concerns about their child’s medical status or condition, they are encouraged to reach out to a trusted healthcare provider.



We start by asking you to fill out a comprehensive Intake Form that helps us to get to know you and your child better. It also helps us to identify any red flags that would indicate a possible concern with beginning a weaning program.



If the information provided on the Intake Form indicates readiness for a weaning program, families would move into the Pre-Program Consult stage. This pre-program consult costs $425, and allows you to get to know the key players on your Weaning Team, while providing us with all of the information we’d need to develop a personalized weaning program tailored to your child’s medical needs and feeding dynamic. The Pre-Program Consult consists of conversations with one of our Parent Coaches and one of our Feeding Specialists.

Step 3: Weaning PROGRAM


Once the Pre-Program Consult is complete, families will have the option to purchase the Weaning Plan of their choice. Our plans offer varied levels of support – from a mostly-do-it-yourself option all the way to a full-support program. Families are encouraged to choose a program that best meets their goals and desired level of support, knowing that each plan comes with tailor-made weaning plan for their child as well as the option to add services (without buying an additional program). 


We will provide a specific tube-calorie reduction plan, suggestions on mealtime structure, foods to offer, how and where to offer food, utensils to try, how to learn your child's hunger and fullness cues, and how to think about feeding and eating in new ways. We are here to support you in the transition from medical feeding to family mealtimes with advice, empathy, and mental health support.

What if my child isn’t tube fed?

We offer a range of services for families who need support beyond tube weaning, including our Happy Eaters program and a la carte hours with our specialities. Check out our services for oral kiddos here.

More questions? Check our our FAQs here or email us at info@gieaters.com.