Growing Independent Eaters recognizes that children struggle to eat and drink for varying reasons, and our Happy Eaters program exists to support families as they help their child move towards safe, happy, empowered, and age-appropriate eating.

As such, we offer a multi-disciplinary approach, meaning that every family who works with us is supported by a team that consists of a Feeding Therapist, Registered Dietician, Parent Coach and Mental Health Counselor – all of whom are licensed appropriately in their fields. Together, we will write a personalized plan for your child and then coach you, step-by-step, through that plan.

The program description can be seen below. Families are able to break their support hours into smaller chunks as suits their needs. Additionally, we always offer the option for families to add support time to their plan as needed.

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Happy Eater Package

Price: $650

The Happy Eater Package is offered to families whose kids are not tube fed, but whose kids have other feeding challenges. The package includes:

1. A personalized written plan with goals and recommendations

2. Two (2) hours with a parent coach to provide support for you as a parent and caregiver

3. One (1) hour with a mental health social worker for strategies on self-care and healing

4. One (1) hour with either a feeding therapist for strategies to develop oral motor skills OR a dietitian for nutrition consultation services

A la Carte Services

Feeding Specialist.jpg

Feeding Specialist

One (1) hour of one-on-one feeding consultation.

Price: $100


One (1) hour of one-on-one nutrition consultation services.

Price: $100


Social Worker.jpg

Social Worker

One (1) hour of one-on-one consultation with a mental health social worker.

Price: $125

Parent Coach

One (1) hour of one-on-one consultation with a parent coach.

Price: $50