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Norah's Story

My daughter had a NG tube for approximately ten months due to Failure to Thrive and an extreme aversion to the bottle. No matter how hard we tried, she would not drink. Our local hospital was quick to place a NG tube, and sent us home after a short stay with all the feeding equipment. For the months that followed, we had several check-ups, but no one ever mentioned getting her off the tube. When she reached an age where she could start experimenting with solids, she had almost no interest, and still would not drink. I began to realize we were in a very complicated situation - she had become tube dependent.

I asked our dietician for advice, but her advice was to go cold turkey. She gave us one (yes, one!) day to reach a set number of mLs that she MUST drink, otherwise, back to the tube! Obviously, this failed. I switched dietitians and though the new woman was lovely, she still didn't know a lot about weaning. I rang other hospitals, reached out for help with other people online, but nothing was working and no one really *got* it.

I was part of the tube weaning Facebook group and knew that Olga and Becky were starting their weaning program. I decided to give it a go, as I always found Olga's posts on the Facebook group very helpful and kind. During my first chats over the phone with both Becky and Olga, I knew I was in good hands. They were so warm and caring, making sure *I* felt good, too, something the hospital never bothered about. They made it clear that not only is the child weaning, but you are, too. Weaning as a *family* is so important!

After our talk, they soon got back to me with a reduction that was gradual enough that I felt comfortable with, but one were I could also see progress quicker than expected. Olga and Becky were in contact with me frequently, through text messages, e-mails, and phone calls. They replied quickly and with encouraging answers...they always knew just what to say. Olga supported me greatly through some intense emotions during the wean. You can really tell that she has been there herself.

After about four weeks, our daughter pulled her tube out and we decided to not put it back. She was eating and drinking more than ever! Olga and Becky continued to support me during the early days of being tube free. Now, we are 6 months down the road, and we have never used the tube again. So, so thankful for these ladies. I cannot recommend highly enough!!