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Zayda's Story

Zayda started life eating amazingly. At 3 weeks, she projectile vomited. She had a tongue-tie which was fixed and a casual diagnosis of reflux. By 6 weeks, eating was hard and by 10 weeks, without ever knowing why, Zayda refused milk altogether except when asleep. We tried everything we could think of: "expert" specialists, every type of bottle, different environments. We re-homed our beloved (loud) dog. Our medical team had no answers and hope felt lost. After 3 months of dream-feeding her to keep her alive, we gave in to an NG. 3 months later, with no sign of improvement, we opted for the g-tube. I continued pumping breastmilk out of my body only to pump it into hers. After being told that our perfectly healthy baby would "likely be eating by kindergarten", we were desperate.

We were afraid to trust in GIE but something in me told me it would work for her. It only took 5 weeks (with an illness in the middle) to go from 95% tube fed to 0%. Her little body has been tubeless for 2 months. I tell everyone who asks how she's doing that GIE saved our family. And I sincerely mean it. Becky and Olga were SO AMAZING throughout the process and continue to support me to this day. They offered knowledgeable, compassionate support and comfort that no one else could give me. They altered the plan to fit Zayda and our family's needs. They answered my minor questions almost immediately, even on Christmas Day. Their dedication is incredible. I am eternally grateful from the bottom of my heart for what they did for Zayda, me, and the entire family. Thank you GIE for giving us a thriving, blossoming independent eater!