Genevieve weaned.jpg

Genevieve's Story

Some may call it naivety, but I call it mother's intuition: I just knew Genevieve would and could wean. And each step of the GIE process -- intake, pre-program assessment, plan -- only served to confirm that. So we went into our program confident that she could do it!

And I have nothing but fantastic things to say about our whole weaning team! I appreciate the distinct role that Olga and Becky played, but also that they worked together. Even in the moments that I threatened despair, they kept me right on track. And having someone else believe and cheer us on the way was worth much more than the program cost!

Genevieve has developmentally exploded (in a good way!) these past few months, and I believe it's all tied to the independence she has gained with food, off the tube. So thank you, again! We, along with our whole cardiology team, are so pleased!