Everly's Story


My daughter, Everly, has HLHS. She was on an NG tube since her Norwood, and we waited for magical eating to take place post-Glenn. It didn't happen. Even though she ate all of her bottles right after the Glenn, she wasn't drinking fast enough and we had to put the NG back in. But, we hit therapy hard -- Speech, OT, Feeding Clinics -- with no change. Her tummy was full from her tube feeds, and she completely stopped taking bottles.

We finally signed up with GIE (Growing Independent Eaters), and it was the best money we spent! After 5-6 weeks, the NG was gone, and we have been tube free for about 2 months. My recommendation for everyone who is looking to wean their child? Reach out the GIE. Do the assessment. Ask your Questions! You won't regret it!