Caleb’s Story

After 2 years on an NG-tube, our son finally joins the ranks of tubie-graduates brought to you by GIE!

We tried everything our feeding team told us to do. But our happy sweet son only grew more agitated and upset when it came to mealtimes, and he kept refusing to eat. I felt like crying after every feeding therapy session: it was yet again another exercise to do with (to) him, being told to just keep trying. Our son was 0% oral, even after a year into feeding therapy.

Since NG-tubes aren’t meant for long-term use, they said our only option was to go for surgery to get a G-tube in. We prayed for another way, and after some unusual encounters with strangers who turned out to be moms of tubie kids, we were led to GIE. It was an answer to our prayers, and it was our turning point!

To you stalking posts in GIE’s Facebook page, I was you 5 months ago asking myself if there’s hope (there is!!!), and if it could really happen to our son (it sure did!!!). We can’t thank the GIE team enough for all of the tremendous support throughout our wean journey. We are in total awe that we finally made it here. Thank you for making our family’s dream come true!