If the assessment shows that a weaning consultation program is appropriate, we will let you know so that YOU can decide if you would like to take the next step towards completing a formal assessment. If you decide to move forward, we will ask that you provide videos of feeding situations, as well as medical reports specific to your situation. These materials will be reviewed by your consulting team so that we can provide you a comprehensive support plan, tailored to your child’s need.

The assessment is a prerequisite to a consultation program and includes the following:

1. A one-hour intake conversation about your child’s medical history and feeding situation

2. A Review of your feeding videos and medical reports

3. A one-hour conversation with our feeding specialist in order to discuss potential strategies

4. A follow-up e-mail with a recap of strengths, weaknesses, and recommendations for next steps

During the above conversations, we will recommend a consult level for your family. The choice of consultation service is entirely up to you, and add-on services are available to round out any consultation plan at any time.

If, once the assessment is complete, we (you and our team together) decide the time is not quite right for a weaning consultation, we will provide you with a plan of recommended therapy options closer to your home. If you decide to return for weaning consultations later, you will not be charged for an assessment again.

Price: $400