Kian’s Story

The picture on the left shows how much of our son’s esophagus was missing at birth. A hell of a lot! But after several surgeries, he had a crazy procedure done that basically grew him more esophagus so that surgeons could eventually connect both ends. He finally went home for the first time at 4.5 months on j-tube feeds. Then he got to g-feeds after having the nissen done at 6-months-old. We were sooooo excited just to get to g-tube feeds! Then at 7-months-old, we began our weaning program with GIE, at full 100% tube feeds.

I was convinced that we would be their first failure, as he was taking nothing by mouth when we began. I remember asking my team, “How the hell will we even feed him? With what? A bottle? I don’t even know what he would drink out of, and he gags at the sight of milk! And after 12 hours of no tube feeds he still won’t eat! This is not gonna work!”

Well, you know what? The GIE team was right! They know how to do a tube wean better than most doctors out there! They held my hand the entire way, answered all of my frantic texts (even on the weekends), and our son was fully weaned off tube feeds within about 6 weeks! Now? He’s 13 months old and eating strawberries and loving his milk! We absolutely wouldn’t be where we are today without GIE and their support!”