our process



We start by getting to know you and your child through a detailed intake document. We send it to you, you return it to us, and we check for any red flags that would indicate it is not the right time to consult on a potential tube wean. To complete the intake form, click here


If consultations are possible and you would like to proceed, we require an in-depth assessment. The assessment cost is $400, and includes 4 hours of consultant time dedicated to your case. Once payment for the assessment is made, we ask for videos of feeding and/or food interaction, as well as any key medical records. After our team reviews the materials, we then schedule:

  1. One (1) hour discussion with parent coach about your intake, following up on your answers and getting a more precise picture of the situation and your needs/preferences.
  2. One (1) hour consultation with one of our feeding consultants about how we see your current eating and food situation along with recommended next steps. 


If you decide you would like to proceed past the assessment, you then choose what level of support you would like from our weaning consultation menu. Prices range from $600 to $2,500 per option, and include a la carte hours of specific support if you wish to add support to your plan.

what to expect from a consult

We will provide a specific tube-calorie reduction plan, suggestions on mealtime structure, foods to offer, how and where to offer food, utensils to try, how to learn your child's hunger and fullness cues, and how to think about feeding and eating in new ways. We are here to support you in the transition from medical feeding to family mealtimes with advice, empathy, and mental health support. 

Once you are a client, you will be able to connect with your support team in 12 hours or less.