We are honored to work with a variety of families and support them through the weaning process. We'd like to share just a few of the success stories from those who have purchased our services.

"Really, this was THE best money I think we've ever spent!!"

Meet Ian

"I was turning to the 'internet people'..."

I have never met Becky or Olga in person, but they will forever be remembered in my family for being the people who helped my son, Ian, eat. Ian was born with congenital heart disease and laryngomalacia and had a NG tube placed when he was diagnosed at a month old. 

"Having the emotional support to start provided the courage needed to go ahead with a wean. I only worked with Olga and Becky but both were extremely knowledgeable, compassionate, and understanding. Made me feel comfortable following their guidance throughout the process. With out those traits, I'm not sure I would have felt comfortable, and without feeling comfortable, I'm sure we wouldn't have gone ahead with a wean."

"There was no medical reason to have a


My daughter got her tube at eight days old and for 12 months straight was tested over and over with no positive results or answers to why she wouldn't gain weight. She was overfed to stretch her stomach and vomited almost daily. 

Meet Selena

"Overall, it was a very positive experience and we have been thrilled with the outcome."

"A day into our wean with Becky and Olga the vomiting stopped..."

My daughter began losing weight soon after birth as she was too weak to suck a bottle well enough. At the hospital they inserted an NG tube, taught us how to use it, and we were sent home. It was followed by months of figuring out what was medically wrong while also struggling with what doctors and dietitians were telling us was the amount of calories to provide her.

Norah weaned.jpg

"They were so warm and caring, making

sure *I* felt good, toO"

My daughter had a NG tube for approximately ten months due to Failure to Thrive and an extreme aversion to the bottle. No matter how hard we tried, she would not drink. Our local hospital was quick to place a NG tube, and sent us home after a short stay with all the feeding equipment. For the months that followed, we had several check-ups, but no one ever mentioned getting her off the tube.

Jacob weaned.JPG
"The accessibility, patience, and nurturing we received from Olga & Becky was unparalleled to anything we expected or experienced through our journey with our son. I was so scared to wean him, especially since I never felt the medical community ever helped us or listened. GI Eaters actually listened to us and gave us a real plan and held my hand every step of the way. That was what I needed the most!!!"

Emil weaned.JPG

"There is nothing I regret about choosing

to wean with GIE"

Emil was born with a laryngeal cleft (an abnormal opening where his airway and esophagus are supposed to part ways), which was not found until he was four months old when it was repaired. We always knew he had trouble eating though; he was aspirating very consistently with both thin and thick liquids. His G-tube was placed at five weeks old, and it was a joy to finally watch him put on weight... and for a time the stress was taken off our shoulders - feeding had been stressful since birth with his coughing and choking.